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Life-changing opportunities to incredible women.

Since 2018, as a result of Nicaragua’s crisis, over 70,000 women have lost their formal jobs. Today more than ever, we are highly committed to supporting women and girls. We’re working on providing the women in our network with the training, skills, and recognition they need to accelerate change through our signature programs, network expansion, and tailored individualized support.

Our Mission Guided by the belief that women are essential to progress in their communities, we identify women with a daring vision for change. We then partner with her to make that vision a reality. Through long-term investments that expand her skills, connections, and visibility, we accelerate her impact.

Give to End the Gender Gap Today

You have the power, right now, in your hands, to impact the lives of women in Nicaragua, for now, and for the future, it’s your best giving opportunity to make the biggest difference.

What we do

Our organization provides access to business training, mentorship and a supportive network to early stage women entrepreneurs and girls. Beyond business training, we invest in women's and girls' leadership development and encourage a pay it forward model within the network to increase our impact through a ripple effect.

Long-Term Impact

Experience tells us that when we invest in one woman with high leadership potential for an extended period of time, she is able to lift herself, her business, her family and beyond that, her extended community creating a much needed multiplier effect around her. Throughout 2020, our organization will equip 300 women and girls with key business and leadership skills and continue to build a supportive network.

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